Understanding Your Pet

We are emotionally inclined communicators with the experience you need to help provide your animal with the best possible care. Every animal is subject to the stresses of modern living and deserves the same in-depth understanding provided by human psychologists and psychiatrists. Pet Peevz uses energetic communication to reach your animal on a spiritual level, creating a dialogue to bridge pet and owner with understanding and empathy.

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What We Do

All beings are born with the ability to communicate on the soul level, but as humans learn verbal expression, animals continue to communicate energetically, leading to miscommunication. Scientific studies prove energetic interaction is possible between humans, and there is no doubt that animals share an innate energetic connection with us that is deeper than any other bond. Animals are more adept and connected as they bond on a subconscious level; for example, if you ask your pet where it hurts, they will usually lick the spot. At Pet Peevz, we communicate on a non-verbal, intuitive, and energetic level to understand your animal's needs and deepen the connection between pet and owner.

Animals are sentient beings with individual perspectives, and your pets have an intrinsic understanding of your needs – our goal is to provide you with that same understanding of their physical and emotional state. Pet Peevz aims to help you meet your pet on their level, merging verbal with nonverbal communication so you may connect with your pet and gain the insight needed to help them thrive.

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To better facilitate your animal’s needs, we offer remote service! All animals are welcome, and all we need is a picture, age, name, and how long you have been together, along with any questions or concerns. Appointments are conducted by phone/video call.

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