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bereavement care

Psychologists recognize that pet loss is as devastating as the death of a person, and each relationship has a grieving process. Many do not recognize the bond and can not offer the support or empathy we need.

We are sensitive to the impact this has on your life. We aid in facilitating a healthy grieving process. This loss is felt so deeply due to the unconditional love and no-judgment relationship we share with them, and we are left bereft when they go. We offer a safe environment to help you get through this challenging time. Find comfort in the knowledge that the connection is permanent.

We have a deep soul connection to our pets; they are our master teachers, healers, protectors, and guides—angels in disguise. Even after the transition, they continue to watch over us, and we can honor this in a number of ways.

We will guide you through some helpful rituals such as:

  • Planting a Tree
  • Making a Memory Box
  • Creating a Plushy
  • Helping Other Animals
  • Getting Tattoos
  • Commissioning a Painting
  • Spending Time in a Familiar Place